Category: Stage I

4. August 2021

irg-NET-Lab 1.0 U2

The previously mentioned poor wireless LAN quality was optimized in this home lab update. There were several wireless LAN access point and repeater manufacturers to choose from. I decided for a homogeneous infrastructure and therefore the FRITZ!WLAN Mesh Repeater 3000 came into question and lo and behold, the wireless LAN quality is now at 100%. You can find the link to the repeater below. I […]

31. July 2021

irg-NET-Lab 1.0 U1

After discovering VMware vSphere 6.7, I started to implement first applications on the hypervisor. One was Pi-hole, based on Linux, in my case a Debian 9 VM, which acted as a tracking- and ad-blocker as well as an optional DHCP server. On the other hand – FreeNAS a free operating system (FreeBSD) for Network Attached Storage (NAS). For this I built a corresponding FreeBSD VM. […]

30. July 2021

irg-NET-Lab 1.0

It all started with an HP Microserver Gen8 and VMware ESXi 6.7. One of my colleagues recommended to start with this constellation and that would be my recommendation for anyone out there who wants to get their first experiences with VMware and professional hardware. The HP Microserver Gen8 is the ideal entry into the server world, which comes with 4x 3,5″ SATA slots, 2x 1Gbit […]