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6. October 2021

HPE MSA2040 – How to set static IP over CLI

If you want to set static IP over CLI for your HPE MSA 2040 please do following steps: Preparing a Linux computer before cabling to the CLI port although Linux operating systems do not require installation of a device driver, certain parameters must beprovided during driver loading to enable recognition of the MSA 2040 controller enclosures. To load the Linux device driver with the correct […]

5. October 2021

HPE MSA2040 Password Recovery / Factory Reset

I recently needed to reset the password on an HPE MSA2040 SAN to which I had physical access. It turns out this information was more difficult to find than I had presumed. The often recommended action is to contact HPE who will send a engineer on-site to reset the MSA password/settings. Don’t hesitate to do that if you have an active support contract. However, here […]