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2. July 2021

How to RASR Reset Dell EMC VxRail 7.0 Node

There are several reasons why you have to factory reset a VxRail node, for example: creating a new cluster a fresh install is failing Here is an easy step by step guide – how to RASR reset a Dell EMC VxRail 7.0 node. Before we start please remember that you are going to take the node back to factory reset. Do not perform a RASR […]

2. July 2021

Dell EMC VxRail 7.0 – Useful Log File Information

The following log files can be accessed either via console or SSH to VxRail Manager. Monitor Dell EMC VxRail bring-up logs: dayone.log , short.term.log & firstboot.log: dayone.log – detailed information in relation to initial first run configuration. (/var/log/microservice_log/dayone.log) short.term.log – micro services related information. (/var/log/microservice_log/short.term.log) Note: short.term.log is a good starting point for all microservices related information. For specific microservice log detail filter by the microservices name for example: firstboot.log […]